My feet are almost numb. I’ve dozed for what seems like a short time, but maybe it is longer than an hour.

Yesterday we were issued bacon for the first time in days and some flour and made sleush, but we ate the last of it last night. Our supply lines have finally caught up with us and we should get some fat back and flour issued to us today.
But my stomach is already growling for food.

My mess mates and I have huddled together on one gum blanket with all our 4 blankets over top of us with another gum blanket as the top cover to keep off the dew. All four of us have to lie facing the same way so we will all fit under the cover, but the two men on the two outside positions barely are covered. We trade positions each night so that everyone has a turn at being on the inside. I usually sleep through the night when I’m on the inside.

Anyway you still wake up shivering near morning because the cold of the ground
comes up and chills you to the bone. We don’t wear our brogans to sleep because the cold actually makes the leather and your feet colder than just sleeping in your stocking feet.

Once you wake up, you have to clench and unclench your toes to keep them from freezing up totally.