We had a respite after Sharpsburg during October. The Yanks only followed us once and they paid for it from what we heard. After Sharpsburg we had crossed back into Virginia, the Yanks crossed over too, but A.P. Hill’s boys whipped em good and sent them scurrying back into Maryland.

Like I said, we spent October getting refitted, reissued gear and resting.

During the first part of November we got transferred to another unit. I don’t know why the Generals just don’t leave well enough alone. They got this idea that all the troops needed to be in units from their own state. Well we got along right nicely with the Tar Heel Regiments and the Virginia Regiment we were brigaded with. We had grown really close to those boys.

We are the only regiment in this here army from Arkansas or Rackinsack as we sometimes calls it. Since Arkansas is west of the Mississip, we got put in with the only other bunch from out west also, the Texas Brigade or Robertson’s Brigade as it is formally known.

When we marched into their camp, we got a bunch of catcalls aimed at us, but we just figured it was part of the game. Anyway when we brandished our knives, they sort of shut up. We do have some nasty looking cutting utensils. My Arkansas Toothpick is double edged, coming down into a point with the blade being about 9 inches long.

Anyhow, we have now been dubbed the “Little Texas” or the “Third Texas” by our Texas brethren.

Our new Brigade is a part of Hood’s Division so we also moved from Walker’s Division to Hood’s Division and our new overall commander is Lt. Gen. Longstreet.

I’ve only seen him once. It was when he rode through our camp looking for General Robertson, who is the head of our Brigade. He is a big man. Well over 6 feet and hefty.

I got to admit the Texas Brigade is known as a real fighting unit. We have a lot to live up to.