Shiloh into Early Friday Morning We were

Shiloh into Early Friday Morning

We were to have pickets during the night, but I lucked out and didn’t have to do picket duty. I ate some more jerky and tortillas. Drank some more water and filled my canteen at the water wagon.

I laid one of my gum blankets on the ground; took off my shoes; used my frock coat for a blanket; and put my second gum blanket on over me to protect from the dew.

During the night since my feet were the only things that stuck out from my coat/blanket that was the only body part that got cold. When I turned on my side, I could pull my feet under my coat and get them somewhat warm. The night wasn’t really chilly so it was bearable. During the night the weather started to change and rain clouds started to roll in.

Men started to get up before day light; move around; and prepare their breakfast. I got up and munched on jerky and tortillas again. As dawn broke, it was an overcast day.

I gathered my accouterments together to be ready to move out. My gum blankets, as well as other soldiers, were wet from the dew and ground moisture. There were a few campfires close so about four of us held our gum blankets up close to the fire to dry them. It is always a surprise to me how quickly they will dry using this method. With the gum blankets dry I was able to roll them and attach them at the ends for carrying across my body.

Finally, we were given First Call and we got cootered up and fell in line for the 9:00AM Skirmish that was going to be on the Fallen Timbers battle site.

The orders were given and we began to march. Just then it started to drizzle.