The first thing you have to realize about the Shiloh National Military Park is that the area has changed little since 1862.  The old dirt roads that were used for decades are paved, but the growth of the area towns such as Corinth, MS, Selmer, TN and Savannah,TN have not impinged on the Park.  Therefore, Shiloh is one of the most pristine National Parks in the country.

The countryside during the Spring is a series of green farm lands and wooded areas that are absolutely beautiful. It was a pleasure just to drive the back roads and revel in the loveliness. The town of Selmer,TN reminds me of the town where I grew up. It is medium size with a park and a downtown main street that could be called Anytown,USA.

I arrived at the reenactment registration about 9:00 AM; was issued my wooden token, which I had to keep on my person during the reenactment; got my reenactor parking pass; and signed and handed in my waiver of liability. I proceeded to the reenactment area, which was located just across the state road from the Park. It wasn’t hard to find the Sutler area better known as the Tent Mall to reenactors. I parked and perused the area to see if my favorite sutler was there and he was. However, most of the sutlers weren’t open for business until Friday.   To be continued……