150th SHILOH…..FRIDAY PM It had quit d


It had quit drizzling, but the sky was overcast and the humidity was high. Our long sleeve shirts under our wet frock coats were sopping wet.

It took us about an hour to get back to our camp. My feet were sore, but no blisters were apparent. I checked out Toren’s headquarters area. He was there and his adjutant, Chris, and his aide, Matt, had just arrived and were setting up their tent. They finished and left for the Sutlers to get a look at what was new in the uniforms, hats and other Civil War Paraphernalia. Once they were gone I cleaned my rifle and put it under Toren’s bed in his tent. Then I got in his tent and changed my shirt, socks and underwear. I put back on my uniform except for the frock coat, since it was totally wet. I sat at a camp table; ate some beef jerky and tortillas; and dozed for awhile.

Then I went back on the main road, which was a mud pit by this time from the traffic of the reenactors that were still arriving for the main battles on Saturday and Sunday. When I got on the road, I saw Captain Keenan, the commander of the 3rd Arkansas and asked him how long they had been there and where were they located. About 6 of our unit had arrived and put up a Sibley Tent, which looks like a big Tepee. It houses about 8 men comfortably. Come to find out they were a stones throw from Toren’s camp.