18th ANNIVERARY Well, 18 years ago this


Well, 18 years ago this coming weekend I attended my first Civil War Reenactment at Prairie Grove State Battlefield in Northwest Arkansas. I am going back this weekend to celebrate. It will be a memorable occasion for me and it is the 150th Anniversary of the battle.

There will probably be about 750 to 1000 re-enactors there.

I understand there will be two battles. One is on Saturday afternoon and one is on Sunday afternoon.

If you have never visited this state park, I would recommend it. Their display area is one of the best. They actually have an artillery piece set up and the display shows the steps that the troops when through to fire a cannon.

There will be some good sutlers there also. The sutler area is like a tent mall. You can go into one as a civilian and walk out in a complete Civil War soldier uniform with all the equipment needed to reenact.

Hope to see you at Prairie Grove.