The drums beat for roll call and all the ones that were sort of warm in the blankets start rolling out, putting on their brogans and standing in the ranks shivering, coughing and cussing.

We find out we are going to have a damn drill since we got some new recruits and they need to get used to our commands and way of doing things. God, how I hate drill. We are even going to have to get cootered up. That means we will have to get all our equipment on except our knapsacks, but we have to carry our muskets.

The First Sergeant called roll and for once we were all here. He then gave us an hour to eat and clean our rifles if necessary. We don’t have anything to eat and will have to go “foraging” sometime today. Thank the Lord our rifles are clean so we all have a cup of whatever this black stuff is. At least it warms your innards.

One of the handiest pieces of clothing I have is a knitted scarf from my wife. She gave it to me when I left for the war and it is worth its weight in gold. If the rest of me is freezing and my neck and face are kept warm by the scarf, I can just about take the cold weather.