David O. Dodd Ceremony

Mt. Holly Cemetery, Little Rock, AR:
Yesterday the annual memorial service was held for David Owen Dodd, the Boy Martyr of the Confederacy. I believe there were more reenactors this year than in the past 3 years and the spectator group was also larger.

There have been many words over the years to describe David O. Dodd. One I latched on to was Steadfast. He was resolute in not betraying a trust. Just 17 when arrested, he would not divulge the name of his information source even though faced with a death sentence for espionage. How could one so young be instilled with this courage?

I guess this is what we Southerons like to espouse about our heritage. We have an example of what it took to be an honorable person. We see our youth showing this courage each day in Afghanistan and over the years in Iraq. There is still that spark of patriotism that comes to the surface when family and home are threatened.

When it comes down to being in a conflict, ultimately the participants are fighting for each other. David Dodd was true to his values in not giving the enemy the names of his compatriots.