Ever been to South Arkansas? We refer to it as LA. Not the one out in California but Lower Arkansas.

It consist of Delta from the Mississippi River in the east for about 50 miles to the west where it becomes forested and small rolling hills all the way to the western border with Texas and Oklahoma.

The three counties starting at the Mississippi River and going to the west are Chicot County, Ashley County and Union County. Ashley and Union Counties were to provide 6 of the eleven companies that formed the 3rd Arkansas Voluntary Infantry.

Ashley and Union Counties were heavily forested during the Civil War and had been sparely cleared for farming. Saw mills and saw mill towns abounded around the timber industry.

I have visited the towns of Crossett and Hamburg, which are in Ashley County. They are picturesque, but not the bustling towns farther to the central part of the state. I enjoy visiting this area of the state and its quiet way of life.

To the west in Union County is El Dorado, pronounced El Doughraydo. It has in the past hundred years become famous due to the discovery of oil. The city square has the proverbial Civil War Soldier Statute that is dedicated to the 3rd Arkansas. The town has rehabbed its downtown area and is very quaint place to visit to enjoy good food and the small town atmosphere.

There was a small hamlet located just north of El Dorado called Champagnolle, pronounced Shamp a knoll, during the Civil War. The company that my reenactor unit portrays is Company E, the Champagnolle Guards.

Needless to say I love this area of Arkansas.