The time I spent at Antietam created a s

The time I spent at Antietam created a special place in my heart for
Sharpsburg, Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania, Shepherdstown, WVA and the four northern counties of Virginia. But Antietam had definitely become my battle. I was going to become an expert in its history no matter what.

We also toured the four battles around Fredericksburg: Spotsylvania, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness and the Battle of Fredericksburg. There was a lot to see, but Antietam still held my heart.

One wonderful serendipitous event occurred during one of the last days at Fredericksburg. Toward the late afternoon instead of retracing our normal car route back to our motel, I turned south out of the far southern part of the Fredericksburg Battlefield and follow the main road south until I came to a perpendicular road running to the west which was where our motel was located. After proceeding west for a mile or so, I saw a small house off to the right and as I approached a turnoff to the house I saw a sign that said Guinea Station.

I immediately turned on the road leading to the house and almost went into a slid from the sharpness of the turn. Needless to say Nancy looked at me as if I were crazy. I just Guinea Station where Stonewall died and she realized I was off on another history excursion. The house, which is open to the public, was closed for the day, but I got my picture placing a Confederate flag under the window of the room where Stonewall died.

This was my first, but definitely not my last; visit to the eastern Civil War Battle Sites and to Antietam, my favorite Civil War Battle.